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Attic Air Sealing and Insulation Upgrades

A typical home can lose 70% of its heat through the roof.  A simple, efficient and cost effective way to diminsh those infiltrative losses is to air seal and increase insulation in your home’s attic. Durango Home Solutions can complete this installation for you, amongst many other services. Call or email to find out what we can do for you!




A quick investigation of the attic shows inadequate insulation for a home in a cold climate. 4 inches of cellulose is unacceptable.








Further investigation reveals NO INSULATION!






We start the upgrade process by air sealing all of your ceiling’s mechanical penetrations, etc.






This wood burning stove pipe penetration caused major air and heat loss from the home to the cold vented attic… Until now!







After the air sealing has been completed, we bring in the new insulation. There are many types of attic insulation to meet your needs. In this application we used Green Fiber which is a cellulose insulation (Recycled paper).





Quick, clean and easy setup.







Notice the baffle installed to increase venting. This is necessary to keep your attic dry and fresh.








And here we go! Just imagine your heating costs dropping.






That’s us.







Now with air sealing and 11 more inches of insulation, we’ve increased your home’s heating performace. This home went from an R-12 to an R- 49 and has decreased the gas heating costs by 50%!!!
You can save money and feel more comfortable too.






We won’t forget to insulate your attic acess hatch. It is very common that your attic hatch is only a 5/8 inch piece of drywall. It must perform as well as the rest of your upgrade.






This process took less that a day. You will notice the difference immediately. Simply efficient!

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