At JT Builders, we believe in our motto – Simple, Strong, Sustainable –  and in order to do so we need to offer a wide set of services.

Custom Home Design- Every project starts with a ‘design’ phase. Sometimes it’s a sketch on a paper napkin. Other times it’s a full architectural rendition. We can work with whatever you have, even if it’s just an idea. We want to be involved in some part of the design process.

New Construction- Because of our ability to work with older and difficult remodels, new construction comes very easily to us. Compared to digging a new foundation, with limited access, under a 100 year old cobblestone foundation, pouring and building on a new foundation is simple.

Remodels/Additions –What sets JT Builders apart is our dedication to maintaining the structure and character of older homes. While many builders would recommend ‘scraping’ an older home and starting from scratch, JT Builders sees the value in preserving older homes and making them feel like modern construction while maintaining the history and character of the home.

Energy-Efficient and Sustainable Construction –We can combine the use of sustainable, low-voc and recycled products along with best-of-breed design and building techniques to create comfortable, safe and efficient homes.

Demolition – JT Builders likes to call this step “de-construction”. We consciously manage the waste stream to control toxins and reuse or recycle what we can. Many of our projects utilize old materials for unique features and finishes to create unique character and feel for the owner.