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There’s more to it then just blowing insulation in your attic.

We have been hearing that there are insulation crews from Denver and Idaho in town offering attic insulation blowing for incredibly low costs. It is a wonderful addition to a house and a great step towards reducing energy waste. But before you let these people fill your attic with fiberglass, cellulose, etc, make sure they air-seal all ceiling penetrations (light fixtures, vent fans, stove pipes, plumbing vents, etc.), before it’s too late. After 15 inches of insulation has been installed it will be very hard to air-seal. The performance of your new insulation upgrade will be greatly reduced if air-sealing is omitted. You must stop air from escaping through the ceiling. Also take into consideration that your attic must breathe. An insulation crew that does not understand the entire health of the home may cause more damage than good. If the insulation is installed so that the ventilation is stifled you could cause dry rot conditions or even mold. But if you can’t pass up their offer please make sure they air-seal and maintain ventilation. Also check to make sure the insulation was spread thouroughly. The new insulation will only perform as well as the thinnest application of material.

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Good Luck,
Jake Walsh