At Durango Home Solutions we are passionate about homes that are livable, comfortable, and work for their owners. A home should not cause the owner continual problems due to improper construction techniques or omissions of important elements. Whether these problems are high energy bills or the annoyance of wearing out a pair of slippers every winter because your floors are near freezing, we can and will help.

Our benefits are varied depending on the severity of your home’s needs. We will rid your home of the drafty areas around windows and doors, eliminate cold spots in your floors, make the condensation on the inside of your windows disappear, stop the need for your furnace to run constantly in the winter, reduce the often unbearable solar heat gain in the summer, and perhaps most measurable is reduce your monthly energy costs. Our inspections are comprehensive and we inspect every part of your home.

We know that a well insulated and air sealed home will be a healthier place for you and your family to live year round. We view the conditioned space of your home as being surrounded by an envelope. And we know how to seal the envelope (which includes ductwork) so dust, pollen, and unfiltered air can’t pass through. Studies have shown Americans are spending more time indoors than ever with asthma and respiratory problems increasing drastically as well. Not only will our services make your home more comfortable and efficient, it will make it healthier as well.

Our years of experience have shown us not every home is perfect. You can trust we will take your home substantially closer to that mark.

Building and Weatherization

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