From Our Clients

“Jake Walsh is a terrific builder. He built for us a high-performance, energy efficient, passive solar home that is also net-zero energy.

Jake has many strengths. He was always prepared for our meetings and always listened to us. Jake is organized and provides an updated schedule on a regular basis. He timely considers the scores of details involved in any house construction. Jake is personable, and was effective in molding all participants (architect, engineers & numerous subcontractors) into one cohesive team focused on the job at hand. The quality of workmanship by Jake’s crew and subs was first rate.

If he is not already, Jake will soon be the best builder of quality homes in the Durango area. We highly recommend Jake. We further recommend that you involve Jake in the architectural design phase as it will be likely that he can find ways to save you money during construction.”

Jeff Bork & Pat Lavin

“DHS was prompt and their evaluation was thorough. I did not feel like I was being sold anything but rather that they were making every effort to understand my situation and goals and to tailor a solution to my specific needs. The initial inspection was very comprehensive and was extremely educational. I would definitely recommend that anyone no matter what age of home you live in to consult with DHS about what they can do for you.”

Travis Craig

 “Since the insulation was installed I’ve noticed a HUGE difference in the warmth of the upstairs. The overall temperature is warmer and stays warm. We just got our energy bill and notice a nice decrease in the use of heat, which is a nice money saver! Thanks again for your hard work!”

Cara Miller


 “We’ve trusted Jake and his crew with all of our construction projects. They’re honest and dependable, and they build gorgeous, green and bombproof houses. Additionally, because of the knowledge shared with their sister company, Durango Home Solutions, they build in the energy efficiency right from the start. We can’t say enough good things about JT Builders!”

Nathan Morris

 “My heating bills were too high for a house my size so I knew something was not right. I had DHS come take a look at the heating situation and they found a couple things right away that were obviously wrong. I wish they were there when I bought the house to point some of these things out years ago so I wasn’t throwing money out the window. DHS informed me of rebates available for the kind of work I need to do and they processed all the rebates for me. They did everything from educating me on buying a new furnace, to installing a wood burning stove, and replacing and insulating my heating ducts. I can now actually feel the heat blowing from the heat vents, that is when the furnace is actually on. With all the new insulation it feels like the wood burning stove is actually keeping even the furthest most bedrooms warmer so I don’t need to turn the furnace on in the morning. Next on the list… replace the doors!”

Lori Moore

 “They stood out as knowledgeable, hardworking and great craftsmen. We found them easy to work with and receptive to our ideas. We would be proud to recommend them for any project large or small. They make a great team!”

Gregg and Melissa Rath


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