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Jake and Lori Walsh

Owners Jake and Lori Walsh met in Durango in 2003. While Jake has been building houses for over 16 years, Lori practiced as a land development civil engineer for 12 years until she recently joined Jake as a partner in building homes. They decided to start their family here in Durango with the recent arrival of their baby girl in 2011.

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JT Builders’ has been serving Durango and the surrounding area since 2006. They specialize in the use of efficient, superior grade building techniques, technologies and products. They prefer to be involved right from the get-go with the design of the home in order to develop cost-effective solutions and keep the design on track with the client’s budget. They understand the need to communicate with the owner and merge their own expertise and skill set with the owner’s vision to cultivate each project. They believe that building a home is not just about the home itself, but also about the experience. JT Builders is more than happy to furnish multiple references or take you on a tour of one of their recent projects as all of their clients love to show off their new home.

What We Do as Durango Custom Homebuilders

JT Builders  is the most comprehensive source for home building in Durango for increasing your home’s comfort and efficiency. We provide simple solutions that eliminate the source of those annoying cold spots and drafts in your house. We know how to further reduce the energy and water consumption of your home. We increase the livability and comfort you experience. In short, we make your house work the way it was intended to – simply and efficiently.

At Durango Home Solutions we use our years of residential and commercial construction experience to provide your home with the quality solutions that fit it best. For example, we know many homes lack proper amounts of insulation to protect against energy loss. However, we also know that if insulation isn’t installed correctly and accompanying products aren’t installed as well, your home won’t fully realize the benefits. We use our expertise to correct and improve these situations.

By implementing our knowledge of how to properly build and renovate from the ground up, we can comprehensively and accurately improve your house from the top down. Our expertise doesn’t begin and end with insulation. In fact, we may find your home to be properly insulated but you may still experience drafts or cold spots. You can trust us to find the source of the problem and provide a solution. Our complete analysis of your home will provide many simple opportunities to increase comfort and efficiency.



Our Services

Custom Home Design Every project starts with a ‘design’ phase. Sometimes it’s a sketch on a paper napkin. 

New Construction Because of our ability to work with older and difficult remodels, new construction comes very easily to us as Durango general contractors.

Remodels/Additions What sets JT Builders apart from other Durango Construction Companies is our dedication to maintaining the structure and character of older homes.

Energy-Efficient and Sustainable Construction We can combine the use of sustainable, low-voc and recycled products along with best-of-breed design and building techniques to create comfortable, safe and efficient homes. We pride ourselves as being Durango’s Green Builders.

Demolition JT Builders likes to call this step “de-construction”. We consciously manage the waste stream to control toxins and reuse or recycle what we can. Sustainable home building in Durango is key.


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